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                                           Renewing or Applying for US Passport 
You can renew your passport if your passport is undamaged and all the following apply 

(1) It was issue to you less than 15 year ago

(2) You were 16 or older when you got it 

(3) It in your current name (or you can legally document the name change ) 

                   What will you need

(1) DS-82 Application form

(2) Your valid or expired Passport 

(3) Proof of Name Change:if your name is different than the 

     one on your old passport (Marriage certificate or court order)

(4) Two Passport size photo 

(5) Fees (Cash,Check or money order)

(6) Letter of Authorization Form

                                     Applying for a new passport 

If one of the following apply to you

 (1) It your first time applying for a passport 

 (2) Your last passport was damage or lost

 (3) Your last passport was issue more than 15 years ago

 (4) Your name has change and you have no supporting legal document 

 (5) It for a child under the age of 16.

What will you need provide

(1) DS-11 Application Form

(2) Proof of U.S Citizenship (Birth or Naturalization Certificate)​

(3) Government issue photo I.D ( Driver's license  or military I.D )

(4) Two Passport size photo

(5) Fees ( Cash,Check or Money order )

(6) Letter of Authorization Form

                       Additional requirement for Child  Passport

(1) Proof of relationship to child  

(2) Both parent and the child must appear in person at the Passport acceptance center 


     One parent submit a consent form sign & notarize  by the absent parent ( DS-3053 )

     plus copy of there I.D front & back 



                      Where to apply 

To get a new passport  you must go to a local passport acceptance facility.Some acceptance facilities require appointments.Passport acceptance facilities can be post offices,libraries or county courts. Call us first before you attend the passport acceptance  facilities.

How long does it take to get a new or renew passport

Government agency                                                  

Routine service    : 6-8 weeks (by mail or in person)

Expedited service: 4-6 weeks (by mail or in person)

​​Aml Passport Services

Routine service               : 9-11 Days

Regular service            : 6-8  Days

Priority   service         : 3-5 Days 

Expedited service    : 2 Days 

Emergency service : 24 Hour 

                             Eligibility for passport book or passport card

To have a U.S passport book or card you need to be a U.S citizen by birth or naturalization or be a U.S national 

Passport book vs Passport card

Passport Book

(1) Require for all international air travel

(2) Valid for all travel destinations

(3) Valid for travel by air,land or sea


Passport card

(1) Valid for international travel by land or sea to           Canada,Mexico,the Caribbean and Bermuda 

(2) Cost less than the passport book

            How to get a new passport fast

What document do you need for U.S Passport 

(1) Application Form

     Fill out the application online.Use the Passport Application Wizard.Once you have completed the

     application form print it out 

(2) Fill out the application form by hand.(Black ink only).Download and complete the passport application form (DS-11)

     by hand.

(3) Do not sign the form until you are instructed to by the passport acceptance agent 

(4) Personal document-You will need to bring all of the following

                                        Original proof of citizenship document 

                                        Acceptable photo I.D

                                        Photocopy of front and back of the citizenship document and photo I.D document 

(5) Proof of Travel- Applicant must have proof of travel (14 day or less)

(6) Passport size photo- Submit a color photo taken in the last 6 month

                                       - Use a plain white or off white background

                                       - Take off your eyeglasses for your photo

(7) Letter of Authorization form- Authorization form give us permission to submit your application and pick up your                                                                   passport 

(8) Passport fee  and Services fee : Click here  

                                     Additional information is require if applying for lost passport 

                                                  (1) Apply for new passport 


                                                  (2) Fill out DS-64 Application.Lost passport form

How to renew you passport quickly

You can renew your current or expires U.S passport unless your passport was:

      - Issued before your 16th birthday

      - Issued 15 or more years ago

      - Damaged,lost or stolen

If any of these are true you cannot renew your passport.Instead you must apply for a new passport using 

the DS-11 application form

                                                           What item is needed to renew your Passport 

(1) Application Form- Fill out the online application using the Passport Application wizard.Once completed   


    print out the application form.While application can be fill out online ,they cannot be submitted online or fill out 


    the application form by hand  PDF (Black ink only)

(2) Your most recent passport 

(3) Passport photo - See the passport photo requirement 

(4) Letter of Authorization Form - Giving us permission to submit and pick your passport 

(5) Payment - Passport fee and Service fee


Passport for Minor Under the age of 18

All children must apply or reapply for a U.S passport 

  - Children under 16 need parental consent and their parents must 

                                  - Be present with their children

                                  - Co-sign the application

  - Children ages 16-17 can apply for a passport can do it themselves if they have their own

    identification document and a sign statement from there parent saying they are aware that there child is seeking a passport or one 


     parent can attend with them there I.D  

Simple step to Expedite a child passport

(1) Complete and print DS-11 online form Application form

(2) Provide proof of citizenship:Birth certificate or Naturalization certificate 

(3) Show Parental relationship: Birth certificate or adoption decree 

(4) Proof of identification: Collect your I.D and child other parent/legal guardian I.D

(5) Make front and back photocopies of both child citizenship and parent IDs 

(6) Letter of Authorization form: Authorization form us to process the passport 

(7) Proof of Travel: 14 days or less 

(8) Proceed to the Passport acceptance facility. Parent and child must be there.If one parent is absent then,he or she must complete form DS-         3053 sign and notarize

            Expedited Passport Appointment



Passport Appointment


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