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1 Passport valid for at least 6 month
1 Completed application form Click Here .Select regular visa applicaton
1 Completed additional visa particular form.Click here
1 Passport size photographs
1 Proof of address in the Tri state (utility bill or drivers license with address that matches address on the application form)
 Consulate Processing fee $200.00 5Years Multiple visa 
 Aml Processing fee $150
 4 to 5 Business days Processing time 


1 Passport valid for at least 6 Month
1 Completed application form.Click here.Select regular visa application
1 Completed additional visa  particular form.Click here 
1 Passport size photograph
1 Company letter stating purpose of trip and the company would be financially and morally responsible during their length of stay,including specific time for period of visa .
 Information on specifically what the applicant would be doing during the 5 year period has to be included in the letter
1 Letter of invition from host company in India & copy of Business Certificate of Incorporation
1 Proof of address in Tristate (utility bill or drivers license with address that matches address on the application form )

Consulate Processing fee $200 (5 Years multiple )
Aml Processing fee $ 150
4 to 5 Business days Processing

Non-US Passport holders must send copy of Green Card or Proof of status in the U.S
Non-US Passport holders addition $20.00 reference fee to consulate .Processing time 1-2 weeks
 Completed application would be mail back directly from the consulate to the Applicant 

India Visa Requirements