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 Passport renewal   and Visa Expedited


From Expedited Visa to rush Passport .

We got you cover

AML Passport & Visa Services New York

Welcomes You.

 We  are  non-government based passport and visa expediting service. We works directly with the U.S. Department of State Passport Agencies to expedite new passport applications, passport renewals, and amendments to valid passports, such as applying for a name change or obtaining additional visa pages in your existing passport.


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Traveling Soon ? Get your Passport fast

Whether you need to rush your Passport or Expedite a travel visa get it all done fast,right here at Aml Passport & Visa Service.No need to stand in long line or make appointment.Our large number of Passport & Visa Specialist is here for you

Free Passport & Visa Consultation from one of our Specialist

Overnight shipping for Expedited Passport & rush Visa service

Expedited Passport and Passport renewal service 

Aml Passport and Visa Service of New York can assist in replacing a lost or stolen passport,or getting your child their first passport. Our expert team makes passport renewals in New York secure and economical. We also provide same-day passports depending on your needs. No matter where your next adventure takes you,Aml Passport has all the services you need to be on your way. Call now to book your appointment with Aml Passport & Visa Service.

How Does it Work

Step 1

Use this website .

Select whether you 

need a Passport or Visa

Step 2

Mail your document with  fedex or bring your document to our office 

Step 3 

We collect your document review it then start

the Expediting Process 

Step 4

Once your Passport or Visa have been approve.We mail it back to you.Enjoy you trip.

Expedited Processing Service

Passport Speed 

24 Hour Service

2 Business Days 

3-5 Business Days 

7-9 Business Days 

Passport & Visa Expedited on time
Service fee starting as low as $75.00